About Me

 Tiffany M. Berland

Wife, Mother, Designer, Artist

I am married to my childhood sweetheart, whom I have known since I was 8 years old. I have 2 wonderful children. I have been working in the design field since 2003. I wanted to make sure that the information I shared would be accurate, honest and credible so I went to design school to do just that. I wanted to go deeper. 
I graduated in 2007 from the Art Institute of Colorado with a B.A. in Interior Design. I learned that I could paint...people in college and love all forms of drawing and creating. 
I have had my own design company for 10 years and I'm still excited by design, and all the challenges and rewards that it brings. 

I will help you with selection of colors and finishes in your home or office.  I have a passion for Blinds and window treatments. Trust me when I say, the wrong ones make a huge difference in color and lighting control.  It feels complicated, but it doesn't have to be. 
I want everyone to create memories in spaces that represent who they are and what they love.  If  I don't LOVE something I won't buy it. I don't expect you to either. Do it right the first time and the reward is much greater. 
When clients begin to see their ideas come to life, that's the moment that makes my job so rewarding.  
Schedule an appointment to meet me in my office for a quick meet and greet or even some design tips.  For a more customized design consultation schedule an on site appointment.  You won't regret it. 
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